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Suzuki Samurai Front Drive Axle

Removal and Installation

  1. Loosen all of the front wheel lug nuts 12 turn. The front wheels should be left on the axle assembly so that the assembly may be rolled out from beneath the vehicle.
  2. Apply the parking brake, block the rear wheels, then raise and safely support the vehicle with jackstands positioned beneath the frame rails.

    Exploded view of the front and rear axle housing assemblies (click to enlarge)


    1 - Hub R/L 43400-80812
    2 - Bearing, Hub(2/side) R/L 09265-41001
    3 - Seal, Bearing R/L 09283-50002
    4 - Caliper, Brake
         To VINJ4235000 R/L 55100-B3300
         From VIN J4235001 R/L 55100-70A20
    5 - Carrier, Caliper R/L 55160-70A10
    6 - Carrier, Caliper R/L 55311-80000
    7 - Shield, Splash R/L 55221-80000
    8 - Rotor, Brake R/L 55211-80000
    9 - Spindle, Assembly R/L 43440-80005
    10 - Bushing, Spindle R/L 43445-60A11 (Included w/ Spindle Assembly)
    11 - Knuckle R 45111-80001, L 45151-80001
    12 - Retainer, Oil Seal (2/Sides) R/L 45623-80001
    13 - Hub Kit, Locking
          Manual Lock Hubs R/L 43801-80011
          Automatic Lock Hubs R/L 43801-83000
    14 - Pin, King (2/Sides) R/L 45610-63002
    15 - Shaft, Axle R 44101-83320, L 44102-83320
    16 - Seal, Oil R/L 09283-26016
    17 - Housing , Axle 46480-83304
    18 - Hosing, Axle R/L 51540-80151


  1. Support the front axle assembly with two hydraulic floor jacks.
  2. Drain the front axle assembly lubricant.
  3. Detach and immediately plug the flexible rubber hoses from the front brake calipers.
  4. If equipped, remove the front stabilizer bar.
  5. Detach the drag rod from the right-hand side steering knuckle.
  6. Remove the front driveshaft.
  7. Remove the front shock absorbers.
  8. Remove the front leaf springs.
  9. Carefully lower the front axle assembly with the floor jacks, ensuring that no cables, wires or other components will inhibit axle assembly removal.
  10. Roll the front axle assembly out from beneath the vehicle.
  11. The front axle assembly may now be disassembled.

    To Install:

  12. Assemble the front axle assembly as necessary.
  13. Roll the front axle assembly into position beneath the vehicle, then slowly raise the axle on two floor jacks.
  14. Install the front leaf springs, shock absorbers, and driveshaft. Be sure that the driveshaft and differential flange matchmarks are properly aligned before bolting the two together.
  15. Reattach the drag rod to the steering knuckle.
  16. If applicable, install the front stabilizer bar.
  17. Connect the flexible brake hoses to the front brake calipers.
  18. Bleed the brake system.
  19. Refill the front differential with lubricant.
  20. Lower the vehicle, then tighten the front wheel lug nuts to the specified value.


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